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Product Price List

* All prices are based on a basic/simple design.  All custom and/or bulk orders will be priced according to size and level of detail/time commitment required.



Cupcake Jars

$45/dozen (no image on lid)

$60/dozen (with custom label on lid)


Smash Cake (4" round) - $50

6" Round - $70

8" Round - $85

10" Round - $100

9" Square - $105

Sheet Cake - $110

*All cakes will consist of 3 layers inside (exception: sheet cakes will be 2 layers)

Tega Cakes Signature Frosting

*This is a bulk purchase of our signature whipped vanilla cream cheese buttercream.

8 oz - $25

16 oz - $40

32 oz - $70

Home Bake & Decorate Kit

This kit includes all dry ingredients combined, all wet ingredients combined (minus eggs), a 16oz tub of our signature frosting, 3 decorating bags with attached piping tips.

Carrot Cake - $55

All Other Flavors - $50

Custom/Bulk Orders

Price Varies 

*Price quotes will be provided to you directly after a custom order request is submitted

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