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Custom Cakes and Cupcakes Made to Order

Customized Cakes and Cupcakes for Any Occasion

Meet Stacy

Hi All!  My name is Stacy and I am the owner, baker, decorator, and all-around sole employee of Tega Cakes.  I am a single mom to 2 young girls who are the reason I started decorating cakes in the first place.  I decorated my first cake in 2016 for my oldest daughter's first birthday party as a way to save some money.  After enjoying the process and deciding it didn't look "completely terrible" I made the decision that I was going to bake all of my girl's cakes from that point forward.  I started watching youtube videos and trying different techniques to teach myself the basics of cake decorating.  After about a year, I expanded my reach and started baking cakes for family and friends.  Then in 2018 I went through an unexpected divorce and decided as a distraction and to supplement my income, I would start baking for my community.  That is how Tega Cakes was started.  

Today, I have now been decorating cakes for 7 years, have perfected so many more skills, learned new techniques, purchased way too many new decorating tools, expanded my flavor portfolio, and so much more.  However, while my cakes look far better than "completely terrible" today, I still very much pride myself on remaining a community focused business who prioritizes flavor and affordability for my customers.  As a small home based cakery, all of my products are made to order and allow me to customize the cakes to meet your exact needs.  I absolutely love to see customers reactions, hear the feedback, and know that I have helped to create memories from your special event for years to come! 

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